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Simply Business Club

Simply Business Club
More than just business networking

At Simply Business Club, we are more than just a networking group — we are a dedicated community committed to fostering business growth through the power of collaboration and ongoing support. Our founding principle is centered around the belief that collective success is achieved through shared knowledge, meaningful connections, and continuous support among our diverse community of business professionals.


Established with the clear objective of facilitating sales collaboration, we provide a unique platform for all our meeting attendees to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships. We understand that in the dynamic landscape of business, the ability to forge meaningful connections is paramount. Therefore, our meetings are crafted not just as networking events but as dynamic forums where businesses can come together to explore synergies, share insights, and collectively navigate the ever-evolving challenges of the market.


Our commitment extends beyond the confines of our meetings.
We believe in fostering an environment of ongoing support, recognizing that the journey of entrepreneurship is a continuous one. Whether you’re seeking advice, mentorship, or collaborative opportunities, Simply Business Club is designed to be your reliable partner on this journey. Our community thrives on the spirit of reciprocity, where members actively contribute to each other’s success by offering guidance, sharing resources, and celebrating achievements.


By joining Simply Business Club, you become part of a vibrant network that goes beyond traditional networking norms. It’s a community where the emphasis is not just on individual success but on the collective growth of all its members.


We believe that together, we can achieve more, and our commitment to supporting one another not only sets the foundation for lasting and impactful collaborations but it also generates quality leads and referals for our members.


Our ethos is to allow people a few minutes to discuss what they do, not just speak / pitch at everyone. Our conversational networking is now taking to the road and will be coming to an area near you in the coming weeks and months.

To begin with we are launching a monthly meeting in Canterbury and Ramsgate, for the dates of the meetings click on the link below.

We are also looking for new venues in new areas around the UK, interested in helping this happen in your local area then fill in the form 



Online networking is and will always be a very important part of Simply Business Club and will continue to help each and every one of our members and guests attend at meetings online each week. 

How else can someone in Liverpool network with someone in Cornwall or someone in Ramsgate speak to someone from Scotland

Come to a meeting and find out how awesome #conversationalnetworking really is!


Client Testimonials

We believe we have the best networking around but don’t take our word for it
here’s what our clients say:

I have found Simply Business Club a breath of fresh air to the networking scene. The free-flow structure allows attendees to address the room by discussing their products and services in a short focussed presentation. From here the open panel forum is a unique and fantastic way to discuss business matters and issues and get opinions from fellow experienced business owners. I would certainly recommend this friendly and professional networking group to any new or established networkers

Stuart Wilson

Bottle Green Websites

Joining Simply Business Club has given us a great opportunity to meet other business within Kent and hear about the various industries of other members. Its quite a relaxed atmosphere too so you feel like your making friends as well as business contacts and meetings are flexible to your work schedule. All in all its been great for our business not only broaden our client base but also utilise services from others too. We would highly recommend coming along and trying it out!

David Meares

Virtec IT Solutions

Simply Business Club bring together all the best elements of business networking. Genuine people who have a real passion for helping and supporting each other.

Each meeting has a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time informative and engaging.

Rachel Jones

AJ Windows & Doors


Business networking is a place to recognize and create business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners. It is also a socio-economic undertaking at which business-people and entrepreneurs meet to create business relationships.


We believe in collaboration and people buy from people which is why we decided to not block more than one of any industry from our business networking events.


We offer membership to our business networking events which gives many benefits including discounted or free meeting fees but this is not obligatory, you can come along as much as you want before you make any decisions or you can stay as a guest, it is completely up to you


Simply Business Club’s business networking was setup as an easy and effective way for business people to network with other business people

The Simply Business Club is a dynamic platform designed with the primary objective of fostering meaningful connections among business professionals. In an era where networking has become indispensable for professional growth, this initiative was launched as a response to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals alike.
One of the key features of the Simply Business Club is its seamless integration of both in-person and online networking opportunities. Recognizing the importance of face-to-face interactions, the club organizes regular events, conferences, and seminars in various cities, providing a physical space for members to meet, engage, and exchange ideas. These events are meticulously curated, ensuring that they cater to diverse industries and interests, creating an environment conducive to productive networking.
Simultaneously, the club leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate online networking. Through a user-friendly and intuitive digital platform, members can connect with each other irrespective of geographical boundaries. This virtual space is not confined by time zones or office hours, allowing professionals to engage in discussions, share insights, and collaborate on projects at their convenience. The online forum encourages active participation, enabling members to join industry-specific groups, participate in webinars, and access a vast repository of resources tailored to their needs.

The Simply Business Club’s networking approach is characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness. Members benefit from a streamlined process that eliminates the barriers commonly associated with networking. The club’s interface is designed to be intuitive, making it effortless for members to create profiles, search for potential partners or collaborators, and schedule meetings. This user-friendly approach ensures that even individuals who are new to networking find it accessible and valuable.
Moreover, the club places a strong emphasis on fostering genuine relationships among its members. Unlike conventional networking events where superficial interactions often dominate, the Simply Business Club promotes authentic connections. It achieves this by encouraging open dialogue, knowledge sharing, and mentorship. Through mentorship programs, experienced professionals guide and support emerging entrepreneurs, creating a nurturing environment that promotes continuous learning and growth.

Another unique aspect of the Simply Business Club is its commitment to inclusivity. The club welcomes members from diverse backgrounds, industries, and levels of experience. This diversity enriches the networking experience, providing members with the opportunity to gain insights from a wide range of perspectives. By fostering an inclusive community, the club ensures that every member feels valued and empowered, irrespective of their professional journey.
The Simply Business Club stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of business networking. Its holistic approach, combining in-person events with a robust online platform, its emphasis on simplicity and authenticity, and its commitment to inclusivity make it a thriving hub for professionals seeking meaningful connections. Through this innovative networking model, the Simply Business Club continues to empower business people worldwide, facilitating collaborations, knowledge exchange, and opportunities for growth in an interconnected national and global business landscape.

To find out more about Simply Business Club and our ethos click below